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Property Renovation During the Lockdown

Property Renovation During the Lockdown   In England, the government has issued guidance to help reduce the risk of infection from building works as individuals... More »

Procedures to Build - The Design, Planning Permission, Building Regulations Approval, and The Build

Once you have found a property or a plot of land, the main body of work to realise your building begins. From the design, planning permission, building regulations... More »

Home as the New Office - Working From Home Tips

During this pandemic, we see a rise in working from home to enforce social distancing. The majority of the world have been advised to work... More »

Architect's Fee in the UK

In terms of architects fees, there are no standard architect's fees in the UK. This may cause some anxiety to clients. In this post we... More »

Design Brief - Finding The Best Architect For Your Project

"You need to spend this time to be sure that the architect really understands your intentions and vice versa so that you are able to... More »

Design Inspiration - Most Beautiful Restaurants - Micro, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

When you last dined out in a restaurant, did you notice how the architecture and interiors of the restaurant played a part in your dining... More »

Office Renovation In 2020

As we approach the end of the year, we reflect on our personal and professional progression throughout the year and also begin to plan for... More »

UK Architectural Competitions & Open Opportunities - [Regularly Updated]

We have compiled a list of current architectural competitions and open opportunities for projects in the United Kingdom. This list will be regularly updated, so... More »

Design Inspiration - Most Beautiful Offices - Micro, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

Most of us spend eight hours and more in an office each day. Spending a third of our time in an office environment, have you... More »

Questions to Ask Yourself Before A Renovation

Before starting any renovation projects, whether it is renovating an office, a home, or your new coffee shop venture, there are a number of questions... More »