The Green Homes Grant - Complete Your Green Home Improvements by 31 March 2021 To Save Up To £10,000

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The Green Homes Grant scheme is only available to homeowners and residential landlords in England. The scheme is the government's hope to make 600,000 properties more energy efficient. Chancellor Rishi Sunak said:

"We're giving homeowners, landlords and local authorities the funding they need to hire local tradespeople and make our homes more energy efficient. By supporting the green van men and women, we'll save money, save jobs and save the planet."


Are you eligible for it?

For most homeowners and landlords, you can apply for a voucher to fund up to 2/3 of the cost of hiring tradespeople to upgrade the energy performance of your home (up to a maximum contribution of £5,000). And if "you, or someone in your household, receive certain benefits you may be eligible for a voucher covering 100% of the cost of the improvements. The maximum value of the voucher is £10,000."

The Treasury claims better insulation could save households as much as £600 a year on energy bills, so the incentives to improve the energy efficiency of your property are there, as well as play a small part in saving the planet by reducing your energy use.

Link: Simple Energy Advice, Government Endorsed Advice


What does the grant cover?

(i) Primary measures

The grant must be used to install either insulation or low-carbon heating. This can range from insulating walls, floors and roofs, installing ground source heat pumps for low-carbon heating, and installing solar panels. One out of the two must be carried out after the voucher is issued. Note that you cannot use the grant to replace existing insulation or low-carbon heating, but the grant can be used to add to them. For example, the grant will not cover the cost of upgrading from double glazing to a more energy-efficient double glazing.


(ii) Secondary measures

In the next step, the grant can also be used for secondary measures including replacing single glazing windows with double or triple glazing, secondary glazing, energy-efficient doors, heating controls, hot water tank thermostats, draught-proofing, etc. In order to qualify for the secondary measure, you must have one of the primary measures carried out and the cost of secondary measures must not exceed that of the primary measure(s).


How does it work?

Applications for the Green Homes Grant scheme opens today (30 September 2020) and will apply for home improvement projects completed by 31 March 2021.

To apply, applications are via the Simple Energy Advice website. Note that you will need to obtain a quote from an approved installer - a TrustMark Registered Business or MCS certified company. If you are looking to begin a renovation project with an architect, or in the midst of discussing a project, do discuss the Green Homes Grant scheme to see if your project is eligible for it to save you £5,000 or even £10,000.

If you are looking to renovate a property with the help of an architect who is well-versed in energy-efficient homes, we can help put you in contact with the best architects for green homes via Pitch Your Concepts online marketplace.

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The grants are worth £2 billion in total as part of a £3 billion government energy efficiency push. The funding aims to help England cut greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by the year 2050.


As a starting point for inspiration, 

40% of heat is lost through windows, floor and doors


What can you do to your windows?

Explore suitability of installing double or triple glazing.


What can you do to your floor?

Explore suitability of installing suspended floor insulation.


What can you do to your doors?

Draught proofing doors is a simple way. 



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Yvonne Chua, Co-founder of Pitch Your Concepts | 30 September 2020