Using Tech For Your Home Improvement Projects

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According to The National Human Activity Pattern Survey, we already spend 87% of our time indoors pre-COVID. The use of tech has had a huge impact on many industries, and where we live, work and play is no exception to that. For those who are looking to improve your homes, below are a few findings on using tech for your home improvement projects: 


1. Sourcing and Visualising

Sourcing and visualising can be tricky when carrying out a home improvement project. As a source of inspiration, Pinterest allows you to pin and share your favourite looks. Good news, some of the items are now shoppable too! For help in visualising in your existing space, there is a growing number of tools that can help you. From Paint Tester testing colours in place to visualising furniture in place can help bridge the gap.


2. Managing your home improvement purchases

When making multiple purchases for home improvements, it is easy to lose track of your orders and plan for the sequence of arrival. One collaborative tool commonly used is Trello where you can create lists which are sharable with whomever you are carrying out your home improvement works.


3. Tech-enabled equipment at home

With an extended period of time at home, the following are some nice to have tech-enabled equipment at home:

(i) Air purifier

Spending more time at home, it may be time to consider getting an air purifier that purifies the air and circulates the air around you. If you are looking at real-time air quality feedback and reliability, the Dyson fans are a favourite. 

(ii) Wireless speakers

If you enjoy music, a quality pair of speakers are a must-have at home to accompany you during working hours and after hours. Wireless speakers such as a Sonos speaker can be controlled with a smartphone app and paired with your favourite digital music service, ie. Spotify offers great flexibility.


4. Finding a design professional to help you with your home improvement

With complex renovations and refurbishments, hiring an architect or an interior designer to do the job can bring many benefits including design options and project management. Where do you begin your search? In the UK, there is the Royal Institution of British Architect’s Find An Architect service that matches you with their chartered members only to online platforms such as Pitch Your Concepts that offers a free service to help you draft your project brief to speak the architect’s language plus automate the low risks tasks.


McKinsey published a Digitisation Index, revealing the design and construction industry as the second last industry to be digitised. Real estate is the largest asset class in the world, yet digitisation is still low, so there are lots of room for improvement in the digitisation of architecture and proptech (property technology).


If you have any questions or would like to chat more about using tech for your home improvement projects, please do not hesitate to contact me via Soft launching Pitch Your Concepts, an online marketplace to find architects and interior designers for design-led property renovations. A semi-finalist at the 2019 Mayor's Entrepreneur Award, organised by the Mayor of London.