What To Prepare Before An Installation? Pre-Installation Checklist

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The days and weeks leading up to an installation is crucial to make sure a project is handled smoothly and on time. Below is a pre-installation list that will make a good starting point for you to build on: 


- Have a contact list of names and contact numbers for key people. 

- Print a pack of the latest furniture plan with you.

- Call all suppliers to double check they have received your order. Create a simple Excel to track this process. Note the last date you have spoken to them and the order's status.

- Check that the correct delivery address is on the orders.

- Coordinate delivery access details. Is there a goods lift? Are there items larger than the lifts that require pre-planning such as delivery in sections? 

- Write a note in all orders for suppliers to call you ahead of delivery, ie. one hour before they are due to arrive so that you can be organised.

- Stagger deliveries so they do not come all at once. You will need time to check through the items and guide them to place it where it needs to be. Ask for help from the delivery men including unpacking to check the items before you sign off. Some items will require plugging in to check that they work. 

- Check that all payments have been processed before they are due to deliver.

- If possible, tell suppliers a delivery date a week before you need it to avoid any last minute inconvenience (this is common!). 

- If it is possible, plan the work room by room and shut the door when finished.

- Remember to photograph everything on site. Record each item individually and in its location.

- If there are artworks, programme it so that it arrives last. Artworks to be hung only when furniture are in place. 

- Prepare a snagging list as you install and contact the relevant contractors / suppliers to deal with them as you go. Ensure you have good phone and email access to do this. 

- Prepare blue overshoes to be handed out to all suppliers delivering goods. 

- Book professional cleaners if necessary. 


If you have other useful tips to share, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@pitchyourconcepts.com to add onto this list. 


Yvonne Chua, Architect | 9 August 2019

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