About Us

Our vision is to reduce property owners' risks by working with the best design team for a project from day one.

Pitch Your Concepts is a B2B pitch submission platform for property owners, SME developers, and architects. 


Who is it for?

Property owners, SME developers, business owners with a physical presence (eg. retail, restaurants, offices), and property agents.

Architects and interior designers (currently live). An architect is one of the first professionals hired for any built projects, so we developed Pitch Your Concepts to help you reduce the risks of working with an incompatible team in a quick way.



A Brief History of Pitch Your Concepts


Founders and sisters Yvonne and Von, a chartered architect and chartered engineer working in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry were often asked by friends, families, and acquaintances to pitch in ideas or recommend a professional to work with for their renovation projects. 

In December 2015, the company was registered, the first small step to realise our vision to reduce property owners' risks by working with the best design team for a project from day one. Research on the digitisation of the property industry and formulate a strategy to develop the idea into a business with an MVP whilst maintaining 9 to 5 jobs to bootstrap the business. 



Yvonne moved into the basement and worked on realising the MVP. 



Soft launched version one of Pitch Your Concepts. We continue the development of the MVP, meet users and gain live feedback.

Shortlisted as a semi-finalist at the 2019 Mayor's Entrepreneur Award, organised by the Mayor of London.

Selected to participate in the NatWest Pre-Accelerator program.



Preparing for the full launch of Pitch Your Concepts' MVP this year.

Supported by a mentor from the Mayor's Entrepreneur Mentoring program. 

Actively looking for partners and collaborators within the property and design industry, to expand and deliver further value to the platform's users.



Built by Industry Professionals, For Property and Design Professionals

Pitch Your Concepts is built by industry professionals with over 20 years of combined experience as a chartered architect and chartered engineer. Yes, we know it sounds like a marketing line but it is true that Yvonne and Von have first-hand experiences in project pitching, bidding and delivering high-value projects - and it is what makes us different.

Each feature you see on Pitch Your Concepts has been designed to quicken the process of finding a compatible design team member for a project, saving time and potentially expensive mistakes down the road. Our main aim is to work with property owners to help make an informed decision when appointing a design professional by vetting the professionals, make some of the information required for due diligence readily available, quicken the process through automation and clear comparison. A summary of Pitch Your Concepts' features that are currently available:

- Receive bids from architects with relevant project expertise, track record, and local knowledge.

- Choose from a pool of design professionals, vetted and checked against their respective professional bodies, ie. Architects Registration Board (ARB) for architects in the UK. Worked with an architecture practice and would like them to consider your new project? Share your design brief with them via the platform. 

- Reviews and testimonials from previous clients as well as trusted industry peers.

- Automate the distribution and receipt of pitches.




Pitch Your Concepts is based in Covent Garden in London, UK. Get in touch with if you'd like to see a demo of Pitch Your Concepts or chat PropTech / DesignTech over a call.

Contact Yvonne at yvonne.chua@pitchyourconcepts.com


Pitch Your Concepts by Vonitto Ltd